Our Goal

Ordering online is a gamble.

We've been ordering products online since people have been able to order online.  We love online shopping, and we love trying things from around the world.  We love trying new products, and we love trying innovative tech.  One of the biggest issues we've faced during our experiences is product quality.  Time and time again, we've been terribly disappointed with our orders.  It's very much a gamble most of the time. Even when they offer returns, who is really going to ship a 5$ item back to China for $30?

How can we fix it?

What we do is find an item that we're looking to actually use in our personal, day to day lives.  We'll order a variety of products that suit our needs, use them all until they break.  We make sure the items we're selling have been vetted so that you get quality.  We want to break away from the re-selling mass produced garbage that you're going to throw out in a month.  At the end of the day, if you don't like your purchase, you can ship it back to a Canadian address for a full refund.

No more gambling with online purchases.

We test all our products, offer no-hassle returns and offer free shipping every day.  We're trying to remove the gamble in online shopping so you get hassle free quality from around the world.  Right now we have a few items, but we'll be adding more as we get done testing.  Stay tuned for more, we'll be updating monthly.